Get Value for Money from Our Great Corporate Training Programs in Houston – USA

We are a great corporate training company with innumerable clients all over the world. Every year, we deliver our programs in various cities around the world. We believe that with the right knowledge, every business or profession is capable of scaling new heights and bringing profits for the owners.

It is with that belief that we passionately provide the corporate training seminars. The knowledge can easily be assimilated in businesses or in various professions. That would automatically transform the business, resulting in more profits. Experts and business persons can gain the needed knowledge in any of our programs. Make sure you are part of our training program in Houston-USA. We guarantee all our attendees value for money.

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Code Course Title Venue Date Fees Join Now
MG26 Communication, Interpersonal & Influencing Skills Houston - USA, 20190722 22 - 26 Jul 2019 $5,950 Register
MG32 Grow Your Brain & Grow Your Potential: Equipping Yourself with The Brain to meet the Demands of The 21st Century Houston - USA, 20191104 04 - 08 Nov 2019 $5,950 Register
CM16 The 10-day Contract & Project Risk Management Masterclass Houston - USA, 20191111 11 - 22 Nov 2019 $11,900 Register
CM04 Effective Contract Risk Management Masterclass Houston - USA, 20191111 11 - 15 Nov 2019 $5,950 Register
PM10 Professional Project Analysis: Managing Risk & Uncertainty Houston - USA, 20191118 18 - 22 Nov 2019 $5,950 Register
FI07 Finance & Accounting: The 5-day Mini-MBA Houston - USA, 20191202 02 - 06 Dec 2019 $5,950 Register

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